KGE-710FM  is designed in lower and higher versions with possibility to operate with two control systems, diagnostics systems, automation and two types of ranging arms. The shearer is intended for working in a wide range of seam heights from 1.4 m up to 3.6 m inclined along strikes of up to 35° and dips of up to 20°.

  • modular design enabling change of cutting height and adjustment of the machine to the various types of haulage system
  • converter power-electronic system ensuring return of energy to the power network
  • continuous monitoring and display of basic shearer operational parameters on remote controls and local displays
  • lack of flameproof lids on the upper part of the machine
  • automatic lubrication system of machine key points
Cutting height 1.4-3.6 m
Cutting drum diameter 1.25-1.8 m
Cutting drum web 0.7-0.85 m
Maximum total installed power 705 kW
Manoeuvring haulage speed 0-8.0   or   0-10.0 m/min