KGS-245N is a shallow web, double-arm shearer loader, interoperating with a face conveyor and a powered roof support. The machine is equipped with a chainless haulage system located from the gob side. KGS-25N is used for bidirectional niche-free coal mining and loading in a longwall system, with the seam height of up to 1.1-2.8 m, the strike of up to 35° and the dip up to 25°.

The shearer has been successfully operated for many years for low walls in the mines in Poland and worldwide, including Russia, Ukraine or Spain.

Due to an increased recent interest in this type of shearer, a thorough upgrade of its design has been carried out, improving both the performance and safety. An entirely drive unit of the machine has been developed, which uses an electric motor with more power, driving a new generation main pump. New hydraulic motors have also been used, integrated with brakes for the shearer haulage feed. A new design of the shearer arms has been developed, to increasing the range of seam heights up to 2.8 m, and the electric motor power for cutting drums has been increased up to 200 kW (previously 120 kW). Electrical equipment of the shearer has also been upgraded through the use of a new control and diagnostics system FAMAC OPTI, allowing for more effective control of operating parameters of the KGS-245N.

Maximum cutting height 2800 mm
Horizontal centre to centre distance between cutting drums 9390 mm
Centre to centre distance between drive wheels 4654-5288 mm
Machine frame height 795-1190 mm
Undercutting 130-250 mm
Additional parameters
Supply voltage 1000, 1140 V
Total installed power 475 kW
Cutting drum motor power 200 kW
Cutting drum diameters 900-1500 mm
Cutting drum web 800 mm
Ranging arm type 245-200
Haulage motor power 75 kW
Permissible strike 35 °
Permissible dip ±15 °
Haulage force 290 kN
Feed speed 8.9 m/min
Maximum shearer weight 24 t