The construction of the KGU-600 shearer loader provides unique solution for mining operations in short and folded longwall faces up to 3.6 m high, inclined up to 35° along strike and up to 15° along dip. The shearer is provided with a fully-automated hydraulic haulage system drive with complete diagnostics and radio control.

  • compact construction: distance between the axles of horizontally placed cutter drums amounts to only 7200 mm, while the two-level construction is maintained
  • short drive wheel base (only 2550 mm) facilitating operation in short and folded walls
  • one-piece mainframe increasing rigidity of the machine
  • construction based on reliable subassemblies used in KGS-600 shearer loaders
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • compatibility with armoured face conveyors with pans of 750-850 mm wide, equipped with the Eicotrack chainless haulage system
Cutting height 1.9-3.6 m
Cutting drum diameter 1.8-2.0 m
Cutting drum web 0.65-0.8 m
Maximum total installed power 700 kW
Operating haulage speed 0-9.2 ,0-7.4 m/min