Suspended monorail KSP-32 and KSP-63 provide a complete system for materials handling and movement of people. They are an alternative to suspended diesel monorails where road heading conditions prevent the use of diesel engines. They are ideal for mines where transport is carried out from the surface along long adits.

For the transport of people and materials the same transport sets are used as for diesel driven suspended monorail.

The monorails are cable driven using the hoists with a cable drum (open cable) or rewind wheel hoists (closed cable). The “closed” cable drive design allows for driving the monorail both down and up, so it can be used in all road headings, regardless of the direction of inclination.

KSP monorails are made of standard profile I 140E acc. to the DIN standard.

The drive cable is guided along the suspended monorail track by sets of rolls attached to the rails. The frictional contact of the cable is maintained thanks to proportional tightening stations, which further reduce cable wear.

The KSP type monorail can be configured in many ways to optimally adapt the transport system to user requirements.

 Version KSP-32 KSP-63
Motor power 75 150 (2×75) kW
Supply voltage 500 – standard, others on request 500 – standard, others on request V
Haulage force 32 63 kN
Maximum travel speed 2,0 2,0 mps
Maximum route inclination ±30 – for man transport ±30 – for man transport °
Maximum route inclination ±45 – for material transport ±45 – for material transport °
Drive cable diameter 16-18 22-25 mm
Maximum aerial tramway length 3150 3100 m
Cable system closed or open closed or open
Standard rail lengths 3.0 2.0; 2.4; 3.0 m
Horizontal turning radius 4 4 m
Vertical turning radius 8 or 10 8 or 10 m
Rail profiles I 140E I 140E