KSW-1500EU1 is a double ranging arm shearer with electric haulage drive. The shearer is carried along the length of the face on the armoured face conveyor (AFC) in a chainless haulage system. The shearer route is 860–1100 mm wide. It is designed for bidirectional cutting and loading coal in a longwall mining system.

KSW-1500EU1 is adapted to longwall mining operations in seams inclined up to 35° longitudinally, up to 20° transversely (upwards) and up to 12° transversely (downwards).

Haulage of KSW-1500EU1 is provided by two haulage units. Each of them is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor powered from frequency converter installed on the shearer. The frequency converters enable a smooth control of output frequency in the range of 0-120 Hz what results in a continuous control of shearer haulage speed from 0 to 36m/min.

Haulage control system ensures the alignment of moments on both haulage motors. Variable haulage drive gear applied allows for adjustment of shearer clearance up to 220mm. Bearing knots and rotating bolt connections are lubricated with automatic lubrication system installed on the shearer.

KSW-1500EU1 shearer complies with ATEX and MA standards and can be operated underground in zones with explosion hazard. Universal power supply and control unit allow to make a shearer with three various supply voltages: 1000 V, 1140 V and 3300 V.

The shearer is fitted with an enhanced automation and operation diagnostic system that is entirely based on CAN bus characterised by high reliability and quick response.

It is designed to operate in „memory cut” auto mode, repeating cutting cycle entered by shearer operator and can be controlled by radio remote or wire controller.

KSW-1500EU1 is fitted with modern bidirectional data transfer equipment that enables integration of the shearer operation with entire longwall control system.

Control and operation diagnostic system enables visualization of the operating parameters on a monitoring stand located in the head gate and on the surface, in a central station to control underground mining equipment.

Memory cards installed in the shearer record operational parameters of the machine.

Watching cameras in flame-proof enclosures are optional accessories and live image recorded by them can be displayed on a specific data transmission station. The control system adjusts mining parameters to motor load intensity, ensuring efficient use of the installed powers.

Frequency converters operate in torque mode what allows for optimising haulage operation, protects the system against dynamic overloads and enhance life expectancy of mechanical units.

The shearer can be fitted with Air& Water Advanced Spraying System (AWASS), an innovative system protecting against ignition or outbursts of methane and dust.

Cutting range 1,55 – 4,80 m
Maximum power installed

  • on cutting drums
  • on haulage drive
  • on hydraulic system
  • on lumps breaker


  • 2 x 350; 2 x 630
  • 2 x 120
  • 30
  • 110; 175


Supply voltage 1000; 1140; 3300 V
Cutting drum diameter 1500 – 2500 mm
Cutting drum web 800 – 1000 mm
Haulage pull 2 x 460 kN
Haulage speed 0 – 36 m/min
Weight 67 – 76 t