The KSW-800NE is designed for two-way mechanical cutting and loading coal in a longwall mining system. The shearer is carried along the length of the face on the armoured face conveyor and AFC panline is 850 to 1100 mm wide. It operates in Eicotrack (pitch 125, 126) or Jumbotrack (pitch 147) chainless haulage system.

The shearer has a compact, self-supporting structure that enables operation in longwall systems of high performance with high technical parameters. Stepless height cutting adjustment enables mining operations in coal seams of varied thickness. It is adapted to longwall mining operations in seams inclined up to 35° longitudinally and up to 20° transversely.

The KSW-800NE meets requirements of new approach directives that make it suitable for use in coal seams with methane and coal dust explosion hazards.

It is CE marked and meets the requirements of the ATEX directive.

The KSW-800NE is equipped with contactors allowing for sequential switching motors.

Frequency converters operate in torque mode what allows for optimising haulage operation, protects the system against dynamic overloads and enhance life expectancy of mechanical units.

There are visualization, gear vibrodiagnostic and data transmission systems installed on the shearer that make it possible to read out the necessary information on the shearer operation, that are displayed on a 10.4” colour graphic screen. It enables full diagnostics, both underground and on the mine surface.

The KSW-800NE is designed to operate in “memory cut” auto mode, but it can also be adjusted to the longwall master control system. The shearer is equipped with an automatic cleaning system of a twochamber reversible filter cartridges and two independent hydraulic systems.

Besides, the KSW-800NE also has a central lubrication system providing continuous lubrication in all major nodes of the shearer.

Lubrication of toothed gears is done by a system of forced lubrication system connected to a continuous oil filtering and cooling system.

Cutting range 1,4 – 3,5 m
Maximum power installed

  • on cutting drums
  • on haulage drive
  • on hydraulic system


  • 2 x 300
  • 2 x 75
  • 2 x 8


Supply voltage 3300 V
Cutting drum diameter 1350 – 1800 mm
Cutting drum web 800 – 1000 mm
Maximum haulage pull 2 x 400 kN
Minimum height 1000 mm
Weight 46 t


  • flame-proof built-in monitoring cameras
  • methane detector (one or more units)
  • wireless data read from the shearer memory
  • wireless parameterisation and programming of the shearer main controller
  • Air& Water Advanced Spraying System (AWASS)
  • measurement of the shearer upper guard positions
  • measurement of the ranging arm positions
  • head- lights
  • electrical cable and/or optic fiber Ethernet/IP communication
  • hydraulic lifting cable handle