This tail piece is intended for installation in the gate road in the line of haulage systems from mining faces. It can be operated with a suitably selected beam stage loader and a belt conveyor fitted with a loop-belt accumulator. It is the basis for beam stage loader and the belt conveyor end turning station. It is used for smooth reloading of transported winning. It allows for position correcting beam stage loader discharge in three planes. Any beam stage loaders with an inside width of up to 1024 mm can be mounted on the piece.

Glinik 1000
Glinik 1200
Conveyor belt width 1000 1200 mm
Advance length of the beam stage loader 3085 3085 mm
Equipment control type hydraulic hydraulic
Supply pressure 20 32 MPa
Total strength to tail piece 314/292 508/420 kN
Number of rams for the equipment tail piece 2 2
Number of equipment lifting rams 4 4
Number of transverse correcting rams of the equipment 2 2
Number of equipment belt lifting system rams 2