The FTCE 8 car is used to transport people along the suspended monorail in underground road headings of coal mines and other mineral mines. Due to its compact dimensions, it is especially recommended where there are significant length restrictions for sets carrying people. It is produced in two variants: sanitary, labelled FTCE 8-A and the regular FTCE 8-S.

Car type FTCE 8S FTCE 8A
Car length 3400 3400 mm
Connection length 2930 2930 mm
Width 900 900 mm
Empty weight 530-545 580-595 kg
Permitted number of passengers 8 8 or 2 + 1 injured
Rail profiles I 155, I 140E acc. to DIN, I 140V95 I 155, I 140E acc. to DIN, I 140V95
Maximum route inclination ±30 ±30 °
Maximum haulage force 120  120 kN