The PIOMA ZNMw transport set is designed for transportation of materials by rope-driven and self-propelled monorail systems. The modular design of the set allows customer to adapt its capacity and size exactly for particular transport task while maintaining the full ability to customize it for other different tasks.

The PIOMA ZNMw transport set is compliant with the requirements of the European Parliament and The Council Directives 94/9/EC and 2006/42/EC. It may be used in underground mines, in methane and non-methane fields of headings classified as „a”, „b” or „c” degree of methane explosion risk as well as in headings classified as „A” or „B” of coal dust explosion hazard.

Set configuration ZNMw 2H ZNMw 4H ZNMw 6H ZNMw 8H
Maximum lifting capacity 61.8 (6.3) 134 (13.6) 198.8 (20.2) 290.4 (29.6) kN (t)
Number of carrying trolleys 2 4 6 8
Number of winches 1 2 4
Set weight 427 1184 2670 4720 kg
Operating fluid hydraulic oil of VG 46 class
Maximum supply capacity 25 l/min
Maximum supply pressure 16 MPa
Rail profile I 155, I 140E acc. to DIN, I 140V95
Maximum route inclination ±30 °
Permitted pulling force 120 kN