RYFAMA Return-end of Belt Conveyor may cooperate with belt conveyors of various belt width, using the suspended structure or supporting structure (supported on the floor).

Return-end of belt conveyor can be applied in the technical solution where one conveyor is over-lapping the other one and they are advancing simultaneously at the area of loading point of excavated material. One of these means of transport is a belt conveyor technically approved and certified, the end of which is equipped with return-end of RYFAMA type. At the same time, the return – end is used as a driving sets substructure for Beam Stage Loaders.

The said return-end solution creates optimal conditions for overpouring of excavated material from one conveyor onto the other, thanks to use of a special tail-end U shaped trough and its rigid construction located on the upper part of the conveyor.

The conveyor belt is rewound through a barrel mounted on the reversible pan set of Ryfama Return-end. The belt onto the barrel passes from the lower to the upper section which is a section transporting run of mine.

The conveyor pouring excavated material onto Return-end may be of various structure, wherein, its discharge driver or passive return-end driver is permanently mounted on a return-end subdriving trolley. The return end subdriving trolley and the return-end blocking trolleys are joint to each other by means of set of hydraulic cylinders and thanks
to that, it is possible their mutual moving and blocking towards to Returned-end pan sets.

The modular construction of Belt Conveyor Return-end allows optional configuration of its length (understood as overlapping of pouring conveyor onto the belt conveyor return-end) which enables free movement of pouring conveyor without need of belt conveyor length adjustment (pouring conveyor with a discharge located above the
return-end overlaps the belt conveyor). Lengthening or shortening of the return-end is done by adding (subtracting) basic pan sets to the pan set structure (connection by means of links).

RYFAMA Return-end length 6.0 ÷ 51.0 m
Belt width 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 mm
Maximum length of pouring conveyor in accordance with applicable rules and instructions
for pouring conveyor
Maximum width of pouring conveyor
Maximum length of belt conveyor
Speed of coal stream transported by pouring conveyor, productivity and installed power
Belt speed, efficiency and installed power of belt conveyor
Applied diameters of reversible barrels 400 ÷ 800 mm
Admissible longitudinal inclination of the gallery ±30 °
Maximum moving force of pouring conveyor (32 MPa) 2432 kN
Moving force of pouring conveyor at (25 MPa) 1929 kN
Maximum moving force of RYFAMA Return-End Station (32 MPa) 1231 kN
Pan set height 680 ÷ 1080 mm
Pan set vertical correction 360 mm
Pan set horizontal correction 485 mm
Number of anchoring props 2 ÷ 8 pcs
Number of servo – motors 2 pcs
Maximum supply pressure of servomotors 32 MPa
Connector strength between pan sets 2 x 3000 or 4 x 3000 kN
Lengths of pan sets 1500, 3000 or other mm
Bolting types of Return end station floor roof sprag, sidewall sprag, mixed sprag (both types)
Types of Return end U-shaped trough sliding , rolling, mixed (sliding and rolling)