R-100 SM

The R-100 SM shearer is intended for mechanised mining of minerals (hard coal) and/or waste rock, characterised by the unit compression strength up to 60 MPa. The basis for the R-100 SM model was the AM-50z-w shearer, whose major subassemblies, such as the frame, the turntable and the cutting drum have been used.

Range of seam heights:

  • longitudinal (downwards/upwards): ± 8
  • transverse: 5°

The shearer can be used in underground mining plants in methane hazard-free and methane hazard fields in headings rated as “a”, “b”, “c” methane hazard and “A” or “B” coal dust explosion hazard, on condition that is de-energised at the maximum increase in methane concentration up to 2%.

The R-100 SM shearer is designed for special applications, such as completion of vertical road heading of predetermined parameters. Hence its specific structure:

  • hydraulic drive (feed) of the shearer
  • plow (charger) replaced by a rake
  • the hydraulic system equipped with a load-sensing system
  • the electrical system fitted with a modern box type SAE2
  • the shearer operator’s seat is replaced by the operator’s cabin, mounted on the turntable
  • no chain conveyor

The compact design combined with the machine manoeuvrability makes it possible to automate the works related to the deepening of road headings and winning discharge, while eliminating the necessity for equipment and tools for manual work as mining advances. The use of the R-100 SM shearer significantly reduces the time and labour-intensity required in the mining process. The operator’s cabin on the shearer turntable provides the machine operator with complete control (thanks to better visibility) over the course of the mining process. This ensures efficient and safe work.

Cutter drum motor power 100 kW
Hydraulics drive motor power 60 kW
Cutting height 3500 mm
Cutting width 4800 mm
Shearer overall dimensions length 6530 mm
Shearer overall dimensions height 3576 mm
Shearer overall dimensions width 2217 mm
Undercutting 350 mm
Weight (without the working platform) 23000 kg
Rake width 2000 mm
Installed power 145 kW
Installed power (160) kW
Unit floor pressure 0.11 MPa
Supply voltage/frequency  1000/50 V/Hz
Supply voltage/frequency (500/50) V/Hz