Continuous development is one of the priorities of the FAMUR Group. Scientific and research works enable the development and implementation of innovative solutions that are competitive on the market and meet customer expectations. To meet the needs of our Group this task is the focus of Famur Institute Sp. z o.o., having the status of a Research and Development Center.

Main areas of activity

The Famur Institute builds complete designs of gear transmissions related to the product profile of the FAMUR Group. Their development is the effect of the work of engineers and FEM analysts under the leadership of experienced experts. Professional expertise, combined with detailed analysis of data on transmission operation have resulted in a number of advanced drive systems. The team’s success is based not only on the active participation in design activities, but also on direct contact with the production, supervision of assembly activities, preparation and conducting test bench tests and finally on the analysis of equipment operation.
Designs of drive systems completed by the Famur Institute:

Underground mining

  • Scraper conveyor drive gearboxes
  • Belt conveyor drive gearboxes
  • Designs of ranging arms of shearer loaders and road headers
  • Designs of shearer haulage motors

Open pit mines

  •  Belt conveyor drive units
  • Pedrail drive gearboxes in basic machines and open-pit mining equipment
  •  Designs for upgrading the drive unit of excavator bucket wheel
  • Main rotation system gearboxes of the main frame of excavators and stackers

Metallurgical industry

  • Designs for upgrading roll stand drive gearboxes
  • Designs for upgrading roller table drives
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