Repairs and overhauls

Repairs and overhauls

Reparation and overhaul works are carried out on the premises of the plant located in Katowice. As part of the overhaul of the gearbox, we carry out repair activities that restore the full efficiency of the device. They are preceded by an assessment of the technical condition and the presentation of proposals for repair activities along with an estimate of the cost and time of repair. Repairs are carried out in accordance with the quality standard of the production of new devices. This ensures the best results and guarantees reliability that comes close to the level of reliability of a brand new product, at a lower cost of overhaul than the cost of a new gearbox. Our offer also includes technical consultancy and activities in the field of repairs of gearboxes from other manufacturers. In this case, in addition to restoring the factory state of the device, we can analyze and present options for improving the durability or reliability of the gearbox.


A standard repair (overhaul) cycle includes:

  • visual inspection of the gearbox before dismantling/removal
  • dismantling/removal
  • visual inspection of the dismantled components
  • measurements of key nodes/junctions
  • geometrical measurements of toothed elements
  • gear body measurements
  • material tests
  • development of a comprehensive technical report on the gearbox inspection
  • pricing and presenting the offer to the customer
  • provision of the repair according to the agreed scope
  • running-in and testing the gearboxes on the test stand

Your advantages:

  • repair at the quality level of the original manufacturer
  • transparency of the repair/overhaul process
  • use of the highest quality components
  • confirmation of the quality of the completed repair at the load test station

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