Social Action Day of TDJ. “What you do matters”.

A Gala on the occasion of the Social Action Day of TDJ was held in the International Congress Centre in Katowice on Tuesday, i.e. 21 November. During this event, the word ‘business’ was only used in the context of corporate social responsibility as the TDJ companies summarised this year’s CSR projects.

‘The biggest reward from life for me is the opportunity to work with individuals whom I admire and respect and from whom I can learn. In TDJ, I have the pleasure of working with unique people who can pursue their passions and values by turning their desire to help others into effective action,’ with these words Tomasz Domogała, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TDJ, started the Tuesday’s CSR gala. During the event, the representatives of various companies belonging to the TDJ group shared their experiences on effective support. The TDJ companies presented their projects aimed at increasing employees’ involvement in the life of local communities. As part of one of the projects, namely ‘Activity Mine’, the representatives of Famur and Kopex helped the charges of the ‘House of Guardian Angels’, ensured the safety of nursery school pupils in Zabrze and taught children from the therapeutic and care facility in Gliwice. They also organised a Children’s Day at the premises of the company’s branch in Katowice. Thanks to the ‘Competences Factory’, 10 employees were trained to work with young people and support their civic education. ‘Not only do such projects affect the education of young people, but they also bring our employees together. As a result of our participation in the ‘Factory’, we are no longer colleagues from distant departments, knowing one another only by their surnames, but real friends whom it is pleasure to cooperate with,’ says Piotr Seragin, chief welder in the Famur Branch in Gorlice and one of the participants in the project. The TDJ companies also implemented joint undertakings in which the employees of TDJ Estate, TDJ, TDJ Foundation, Famur and PGO or charity products collection such as the painting of the children’s hospital in Katowice or the collection of products for charitable purposes. ‘I would like you to know that what you do matters. It matters to all the people you helped. And it matters to you because you acquired some very important skills in the scope of planning, dealing with stress and working in a group. It also matters to our company because it reminds us all that success does not have to start with big plans and activities. It often begins with minor changes. You have proven that small steps – from learning how to help other people wisely, to actually providing support to them – can help us achieve very important goals,’ Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA, thanked the participants in the gala.

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