We are aware that the success of a company depends primarily on its employees. That is why their competences and skills are so important to us. The FAMUR Group employs about 2500 people by striving to make it possible for them to develop professionally and building a community based on values. See the 5 key values of the FAMUR Group.


The high level of occupational safety is particularly important to the FAMUR Group. We implement it by providing appropriate working conditions and raising awareness in the area of occupational health and safety. For more information please refer to the Integrated Management System Policy.

Internal communication

Good communication within the company is the basis for its smooth functioning and completion of business tasks. We ensure that it is based on dialogue. Examples of such activities include implementation of communication boxes, through which employees can submit their ideas and comments, as well as  publishing the “FAMA” internal quarterly newsletter, co-created by people employed at various levels of our company. A crucial point of internal communication is also the regular sending of information newsletters as a summary of important events of the Company and its business environment. During the pandemic, we have been creating special newsletter editions with the most important information and regulations regarding COVID-19, to be sent be email and received by each employee

The FAMUR Group reports non-financial indicators according to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI Standards) - Core option and the guidelines and good market practices for integrated reporting.

Environmental indicators for individual reporting periods are available in the following documents:

for 2020 - SEE REPORT
For 2019 - SEE REPORT
For 2018 - SEE REPORT
For 2017 - SEE REPORT

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