FAMUR – objective to be TOP 3 worldwide in 2023


is a Polish leader in underground and surface mining as well as bulk material handling and transshipment systems. We have worked our way up to this position for many years, unifying experience, knowledge and production potential of Polish recognizable mining brands, including completion of the consolidation process with our biggest domestic competitor – the KOPEX Group. Today, we are a committed partner in the modernization process of mining industry in Poland and with success we offer our products and services abroad. We are still setting new targets and we are looking for new areas of growth to dynamically build the future value of our company both for customers and shareholders. That is why the FAMUR Group is implementing a brand new development strategy for the next 5 years.


Preferred global supplier of comprehensive and innovative solutions for mining and transshipment industry.


We create a team, whose common passion is to support clients in implementing their goals through supplying effective solutions, including the highest environmental standards.


We make changes, because…

We believe that the ambitious strategic goals we have set will allow us to become a preferred global supplier of comprehensive, innovative solutions for the mining, bulk material handling and transshipment industries. One of our key growth drivers is foreign expansion through which we intend to provide more than half of our revenues on export in 2023. Clearly defined expansion directions and a well-chosen strategy of development or entry into each of the selected markets, as well as building comprehensive solutions and further strengthening the position in Poland, will enable us to join the group of TOP 3 machinery manufacturers for the mining sector worldwide in the Soft Rock Mining area. Concurrently, we want to build the third strong segment in the Group in the dynamically developing area of Hard Rock Mining – concludes Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA.

In recent years, we have successfully completed 16 acquisitions, including the largest one – the KOPEX Group, thanks to which we now have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the mining industry, energy sector, as well as transport and bulk material  handling industry. The integration of all the acquired entities enabled us to generate synergy effects in the areas of know-how and experience, knowledge of foreign markets, customer relations and operational efficiency of the entire organization. To strengthen these effects, we’ve been  constantly investing in new technologies and improving our offer systematically. Already, the solutions of the FAMUR Group are present in over 40 countries on six continents, and the share of exports in revenues is almost 38%.

FAMUR Group with integrated part of KOPEX SA
5 000
over 5 thousand employees
present in over 40 countries on 6 continents
share of export in revenues in 2017
planned share of export in revenues up to 2023

Dynamic foreign expansion, strengthening the leading position in Poland, offering comprehensive solutions based on innovative technologies and entry into Hard Rock Mining – these are the main assumptions of the new development strategy of the FAMUR Group for 2019-2023. The Group plans to increase revenues to the level of PLN 2.5-2.7 billion in 2023, of which over 50% is to come from export. As a result of the implementation of the new strategy, FAMUR wants to become a preferred global supplier of comprehensive, innovative solutions for the mining, bulk material handling and transshipment industries and enter the global TOP 3 machinery manufacturers for the mining sector in the Soft Rock Mining area. The strategy places particular emphasis on close cooperation with the customer, starting from assistance in obtaining financing, through designing effective, reliable, safe and innovative solutions, taking into account customer needs and providing value-for-money by optimizing production and logistics processes ensuring high product quality and always timely delivery, to providing professional after-sales service 24/7 and a full range of added services.

FAMUR strategy for 2019-2023

 FAMUR strategy for 2019-2023

New image

Along with the changes that are taking place in the FAMUR Group, we also refresh our image. Being aware that our company has been working hard for years to be perceived as a trusted manufacturer of machinery and equipment for various industries and that it has already established strong market position, we have decided on a light and modernized version of the logo.

Logo old
Logo new

In order for the Group companies to be easily associated with FAMUR, especially on foreign markets, we have decided to provide their logotypes with the new shape. There are several examples of these changes below.