The suspended diesel locomotive CSZ is a combination of a simple design and technological solutions allowing for optimal use of the increased power of the diesel engine.

The modular design and the available optional accessories allow for optimal configuration of the locomotive for any operating conditions and diverse transport tasks. The machine can be used both for transporting people and heavy materials as well as parts of machinery weighing well over 30 t.

The locomotive CSZ is characterised by compact dimensions and low weight, which makes it easy to operate even in very narrow road headings. The locomotive diagnostic system inform the operator in advance of approaching the critical values of its operating parameters. Appropriate response to generated warning signals helps prevent potential hazards. All operating parameters and generated warning messages are recorded in the memory of the machine. For particularly dangerous transport work the safety level can be increased by controlling the locomotive remote using a remote control unit.

  • anti-skid drive wheel system
  • multiplication of the contact pressure of drive wheels
  • independent braking systems
  • energy-saving double-pump hydraulic system
  • adjustment of pump output to supply external equipment
  • special couplers allowing for “pushing” of transport sets
  • camera system supporting the work of the operator
  • rack transmission system
  • LED lights
  • remote control from a remote control unit
  • anti-skid drive wheel system
  • multiplication of the contact pressure of drive wheels
  • automatic fire-extinguishing system
  • automatic methane meter
  • camera system
  • special couplers to push transport sets
  • attachment for the rack drive
  • special cars for installing braking systems
  • adjustment systems for the pump output to supply external equipment