The FAMUR offering features a wide range of suspended monorail tracks for both cable-driven and self- driven monorails. We offer complete routing equipment including straight concave, curve, transition, rail capels for steel supports and roof bolting, chains, rail stabilizers, switches and bumpers. The rails are made of standard profile I 155 (I 140E acc. to DIN) or reinforced profile PIOMA DT 175. The rails have chamfered rail joints that reduce the wear of the locomotives’ drive wheels. In routes P-130 and P-140HD the lower rail joints are additionally reinforced.

Our offering also includes custom turnouts suitable for all route types. The turnouts are made as right, left, symmetrical, three-position. Turnouts with manual or pneumatic control are available.

Route type PIOMA P-80 PIOMA P-85 PIOMA P-130 PIOMA P-140 HD
Rail profiles I 155; I140E acc. to DIN I 155; I140E acc. to DIN I 155; I140E acc. to DIN DT 175
Maximum rail length 3 3 3 4 m
Horizontal route turning radius 4 4 4 4 m
Vertical route turning radius 8 8 8 8 m
Permissible transverse load of rail joints 50 50 50 90 kN
Permissible longitudinal load of rail joints 80 85 130 160 kN
Maximum route inclination ±45 ±45 ±45 ±45 °