In Warsaw, today (January 25), ‘We change the Polish Industry’ Forum (XVIII Forum Zmieniamy Polski Przemysł) will took place. This is the eighteenth edition of this event, during which experts will discuss the most current topics related to the national economy and its development directions. Among speakers will also be the CEO of FAMUR SA Mirosław Bendzera.
As the organizers of the ‘We change the Polish Industry’ Forum assure, the event gathers not only representatives of the industry, but also authorities and independent experts. This year's forum will start with the debate 'Polish economy 2040. Scenarios of development in the 20-year perspective'. According to the agenda of the forum, issues fundamental to the national economy, related to the modernization of the Polish power industry, technological changes and infrastructural investments will be discussed. President of FAMUR SA Mirosław Bendzera will take part in the debate entitled 'Polish companies on foreign markets', during which the panelists will talk mainly about the most promising markets for Polish business, but also about risks posed by activities abroad. The Forum will end with a gala where the titles of 'The one who changes the Polish industry' for people, institutions and enterprises having 'a significant impact on positive changes in Polish industry and economy' will be given.