The Management Board of FAMUR SA donated PLN 300,000 to the Megrez Provincial Specialist Hospital in Tychy (Poland), currently functioning as a Single-Purpose Infectious Disease Hospital. This financial support is to help collecting measures essential to fight the SARS-CoV-2 /COVID-19 epidemic.

The hospital in Tychy is one of 7 facilities in Silesia, which is intended for patients with coronavirus suspicion or with confirmed infection of SARS-CoV-2. Financial support will allow to purchase necessary personal protecting equipment for the personnel and patients, as well as to continue activities aimed at preventing and combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Support for the Megrez Provincial Specialist Hospital in Tychy is an element of corporate social responsibility, which now is not a goodwill, but a necessity to defend health and lives of people affected by the pandemic. Nowadays, in such unpredictable circumstances all aid given to hospitals and medical services is extremely important, that’s why the FAMUR Group treats it as a priority and is going to continue supportive activities. We hope that the financial funds offered will effectively contribute to support the most deprived needs. We believe that acting together will allow to overcome the pandemic and minimize its effects – says Mirosław Bendzera, the CEO of FAMUR SA.

Equally, the company emphasizes that it has been actively involved in fighting the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to making a donation to the medical facility, the FAMUR Group will still engage in supporting medical services in this difficult period.

Within internal activities safety procedures and preventive measures have been introduced at its headquarters, in production plants and subsidiaries aiming at protecting FAMUR’s employees, their families, as well as our clients and stakeholders.

Disinfectants for hands and workstations have been provided, disinfecting spraying in common areas in offices and at the production plants has been made every 24 hours. Internal facilities have been divided into zones in order to limit personal contacts among employees to the minimum necessary. Particular groups of employees have been split to maintain the continuity of the operations regardless of how the situation is to develop. Moreover, the employees have been provided with their personal thermometers for regular temperature control, intended to monitor their health condition. Some employees, whose work specification allows to, use a remote working mode. At the same time, extensive information materials, consistent with  Main Sanitary Inspectorate guidelines have been prepared and shared within the FAMUR Group.