The FAMUR Group, which has actively involved in the governmental Responsible Development Strategy and has been participating in the process of the Polish mining industry modernization, is building a partnership widening its competences and business advantages. The core assumptions of the existing cooperation is to search and to develop innovative technologies, through which the positions of these two partners will strengthen in the mining sector in Poland, as well as abroad. They both declare a real support in terms of the latest IT solutions implementation in the mining industry.  - The beginning of cooperation with ABB, a leader in technological area of robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, enables both partners to use the potential of joined competences, know-how and experience in a real terms. It means sharing knowledge and analyzing particular technological solutions that through producing new machines, equipment and intelligence systems the comprehensiveness of the offer and its added value will be expanded. This two companies have also rich experience in business activities running abroad that makes it an area of potential benefits in a long-term view. It stands to reason that the alliances in business should create an added value for all partners and  this is a goal of the established agreement – says Bartosz Bielak, vice-president of FAMUR SA. - ABB is excited and looking forward to continue our strong collaboration with Famur Group in Poland and I am convinced that we have a great opportunity together to drive productivity and energy efficiency improvements to entire mining industry in Europe and all over the world – says Jussi Rautee, Head of Robotics and Motion division in Poland. FAMUR, a leading supplier of reloading machinery and equipment utilized in the mining industry in Poland and abroad, has been intensifying its presence in the international markets. To achieve the goal of 50 per cent of revenues from export by 2020, in the opinion of the board, it is essential to strengthen technological competences and to search for pioneering solutions on the global markets. The cooperation with ABB are to enable creating the offer overtaking the market expectations and being a part of natural changes in global mining and industry. Within the agreement the companies will prepare a detailed plan of common activities, define the principles of the cooperation and conditions for the participations in common future trade projects implemented for domestic and foreign clients.