Transport of minerals

Transport of minerals

Two-stage cylindrical-planetary  gearboxes type FG320, FG500, FG630, FG1000 and FKW400 have been designed for use in overland belt conveyor drives. The FG gearboxes can be installed in right or left orientation without the need to reinstall the gearbox components. All gearboxes of the FG and FKW series have different ratio configurations and these powers range from 315 to 1000 kW. Through the cooling system with a fan forcing the air flow applied in these gearboxes, it is possible to operate them in continuous mode at the rated parameters.


Your advantages:

  • designed to work with belt conveyor drives in continuous operation mode in an environment exposed to weather conditions
  • cooling by forced air circulation
  • splash lubrication of bearing nodes
  • reinstallation operations limited to a minimum
  • possible operation at sub-zero temperatures
  • adapted to the heaters to be installed/embedded
  • for FP types, changing the installation version from left to right and vice versa without the necessity of the gearbox components to be reinstalled
  • rolling bearings from reputable manufacturers only.

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