Two significant foreign contracts of the FAMUR Group

In the last days of November 2017, OOO FAMUR Russia entered into an agreement to supply a longwall system to the Uvalnaja mine owned by AO UK Sibirskaya. What is more, FAMUR FAMAK has signed a contract with the Dutch company Tata Steel Ijmuiden BV for the supply of a ship unloader.

The contract with AO UK Sibirskaya provides that FAMUR shall supply powered roof supports, a roadheader, a face conveyor and a beam stage loader with a crusher as well as additional cooperating equipment to the customer in Russia. The contract will be implemented in stages, according to the schedule specified in the agreement. The mechanized system for longwall mining will be supplied to Russia within 269 days from the first prepayment in the amount of approx. PLN 21 million. The value of the entire contract is approx. net PLN 73 million. – The development strategy of FAMUR Group is based on the Go Global foreign expansion program. Intensive pro-sales activities in conjunction with the revival of the international power coal market bring about a visible increase in the share of exports in the Group’s revenue. Russia is one of our priority markets, and all the more we are happy about the fact that we meet the high expectations of our partners. AO UK Sibirskaya is another Russian entity that has trusted the quality, reliability and efficiency of our equipment – says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA. Moreover, other company from the FAMUR Group – FAMUR FAMAK – has signed an agreement with Tata Steel Ijmuiden BV, a company that belongs to international Tata Steel group. Under the terms of the agreement, Famak will deliver to the Netherlands a ship unloader with a capacity of 3000 t/h. The delivery date of the contract, the value of which amounts to approx. PLN 54 million, falls on November 2019. The contract will also be implemented in stages based on a set schedule. – The new task for Tata Steel Ijmuiden BV is in line with our strategy for the development of our company in foreign markets. This is another contract, after EMO in Rotterdam, in the Dutch market. Undoubtedly good references from the project at the transhipment port helped to pave the way in the process of negotiations. At the same time, the order confirms the high standard of the services offered by Famur Famak which are recognized not only in Poland but also abroad. It is worth adding that Famak is responsible for the full implementation scope of the contract in the Netherlands, from the project, through production and delivery, to the commissioning of equipment at the customer’s – says Paweł Majcherkiewicz, Vice-President of the Board of FAMUR FAMAK SA. – Both contracts are the effects of a consistently implemented strategy of creating a strong Polish entity, with a wide range of machinery, equipment and services that enable comprehensive implementation of investment projects around the world, not only for the mining and energy sectors but also for transhipment industries. The combination of advanced technology, excellent quality and foreign expansion is our idea to develop the Group and create the ‘Made in Poland’ brand – adds Mirosław Bendzera.

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