Chairman Mirosław Bendzera talking about the international expansion of the FAMUR Group


“Today, we have solid organisational and financial bases for further international expansion of the FAMUR Group” – said Mirosław Bendzera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FAMUR SA, during the discussion panel “Foreign expansion of Polish companies” which took place at the 8th European Economic Congress.

During the debate, participants talked about such issues as the role of export in building the global position of Polish companies, regions in the world which are promising for Polish business and the activities supporting the foreign expansion of Polish companies. During the discussion, Mirosław Bendzera mentioned the actions taken within the FAMUR Group companies to prepare them for further expansion abroad.

“For several years, the FAMUR Group has been consistently implementing a development strategy based on the Go Global foreign expansion programme. A steady growth in our international involvement is possible due to our solid organisational and financial bases which we have achieved through the process of optimising operating costs of the companies in the Group, carried out since 2013. The process includes simplification of the organisational structure and adjusting it to the current market situation. Within the programme, we have joined FAMUR SA with its subsidiaries, performed acquisition projects and consolidated the central functions, which allowed us to decrease operating costs, increase the manufacturing flexibility and extend the portfolio of our products to include solutions for surface mining and the power industry. As a result, we are already able to carry out increasingly large mining and power projects all over the world,” says Mirosław Bendzera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FAMUR SA

Major foreign customers to whom FAMUR Group solutions are provided include contractors from Russia, Kazakhstan and the Commonwealth of Independent States as well as Turkey, Mexico and Balkan countries. Emerging markets, in particular Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Mongolia and the Middle East, are an increasingly important direction of our foreign cooperation.

During the discussion, Mirosław Bendzera made a reference to the contract between the special purpose vehicle TDJ, a company related to FAMUR SA and the majority shareholder in the Kopex Group, signed in March this year. The contract initiated a process leading to the consolidation of the mining services industry. The contract also assumes that FAMUR SA will be able to gain rights resulting from the contract. The finalisation of the agreement depends, among other things, on the positive results of due diligence of the Kopex Group, restructuring its financing and a permission from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to carry out the process.

“I’m convinced that consolidation is currently the best way to solve the problems of the mining services industry. Integrating the potential of the two largest Polish manufacturers of mining machinery and equipment, with a focus on synergy and optimisation areas, is a chance to build a strong Polish entity – the national champion which will have even greater capabilities of export expansion and will really effectively compete with the global giants such as Joy, Caterpillar or Sandvik. Over the years, both FAMUR and Kopex have accumulated wide experience and competences, therefore building huge developmental capital. The resources of knowledge about products and customers, the models we developed for acting in different markets and the market position of both companies give us a chance to create a platform for expanding the exports of Polish technical know-how and preparing a wide range of products and services for comprehensive implementation of large mining and power projects all over the world,” adds Mirosław Bndzera.


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