FAMUR among the winners of ‘There is no future without entrepreneurship’ contest


FAMUR SA was ranked first in the Brand category of 'There is no future without entrepreneurship' ('Nie ma przyszłości bez przedsiębiorczości') contest, organized by the editors of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily newspaper. The winners are the companies that in a particular way contribute to the development of the national economy.

The prizes were awarded during the formal gala crowning the fifth edition of ‘There is no future without entrepreneurship’ campaign. As part of the campaign, the journalists of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and the representatives of business and state institutions take measures aimed at the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in Poland and at the creation of a positive image of our economy in the world. This year’s awards were granted in three categories: Brand, Technology and Investment. They were received by the companies that are successful both in domestic and foreign markets, being at the same time an example of the highest quality and modernity.

– The award in the Brand category granted to FAMUR confirms the effectiveness of the development strategy we have adopted, and its consistent implementation. As the FAMUR Group we are building a strong Polish entity, with a wide range of machinery, devices and services that enable us to carry out complex investment projects worldwide, both for the mining as well as the energy and transshipment industries. Thanks to our technological progress, long experience and market position, we are competing with global leaders. The combination of excellent quality and international expansion is our idea for the Group’s development and ‘Made in Poland’ branding – says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA

In 2017, FAMUR took control of the KOPEX Group and it is currently working to integrate the potential of both companies. It was an event of vital importance in the process of strengthening the brand, owing to the fact that the combination of knowledge, experience and resources of FAMUR and KOPEX as well as the courses of action on specific markets developed over the years will enable further intensification of the Go Global international expansion programme under a single, strong logo of FAMUR. The machinery and technologies of the Group are currently supplied to the markets of more than 30 countries on five continents, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia and several European countries. The companies of the Group have their seats, for instance, in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India and Germany.

FAMUR is a portfolio company of TDJ SA, a Polish family investment company which is active in several economy sectors, starting from heavy industry, through real estate, up to modern technologies. Thanks to its experience and position, TDJ actively supports the development of its brands by building their long-term value.

FAMUR also puts strong emphasis on the innovation development. The company is working to create a multiannual programme of research and development, with the main objective focusing on the technological support for the mining transformation process in the direction of Industry 4.0.

 – Today we are facing the moment when we must take a decisive step forward. The condition of the Polish economy in the coming decades depends on the direction we will decide to take. I am convinced that the consolidation processes will allow us to create national champions who will be able to compete on the global markets in a real and effective way and thus contribute to the development of all undertakings – both the large companies as well as the small and medium-sized businesses. Another key aspect is the development of innovations that will provide us with necessary technologies for the continuous modernisation of the industry in Poland. This is the path we are consistently following – concludes Mirosław Bendzera.


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