FAMUR as a participant and partner of the “Górnictwo” Mining Industry Conference 2016


Restructuring in the Polish mining industry and the current situation of the companies operating in the sector and their perspectives for development - these are only some of the topics discussed at the Mining Industry Conference 2016 held on 25 November in Katowice. Among the guests were the representatives of the government, the mining industry companies, trade unions, and experts. FAMUR SA was one of the official partners of the Conference, with the President of the Management Board, Mr Mirosław Bendzera, as one of the panellists.

The participants to the meeting emphasized that in recent times the situation of Polish mining industry has changed significantly. It was observed that the year of 2016 has been marked by setting the foundations for future performance of the national mining, which included for example the emergence of the Polish Mining Group and the notification made by the European Commission on granting public aid for the mining industry in Poland amounting to nearly PLN 8 billion. In the opinion of the government representatives, one of the main objectives of the current restructuring is to acquire funds for investments in the industry, including the construction of new mines.

The experts also emphasized that the ongoing works on the “Program for the coal mining sector for the period of 2016-2030” are exceptional because for the first time they are participated by the  representatives of trade unions, employers, government and parliamentarians. Against that background, also a comprehensive approach to the sector was stressed as well as the role of manufacturers of machinery and mining equipment, crucial for the whole industry, whose needs – as it was pointed out – cannot be forgotten in the process of the mining industry restructuring. It was highlighted that according to estimates for one post in the mining industry there are approx. 5-6 posts in the sector of mining-related services.

One of the three key debates of this year’s Conference was held under the slogan: “Changes in the back room. Difficult present, bold plans, brighter future. ” The Panel was devoted to the current situation and prospects of the mining-related companies, export potential of Polish products for the mining sector and the current consolidation processes in the industry. One of the participants in the discussion was Mirosław Bendzera, the President of the Management Board of FAMUR S.A, who emphasized that FAMUR Group greatly benefits form restructuring and optimization processes as well as the acquisitions carried out in recent years. Despite the still difficult situation of mining industry in Poland and around the globe, FAMUR constantly generates profits and increases the share of exports in its revenue.

President Bendzera noted that FAMUR is consistently seeking growth opportunities in the increase of export. As he noted, the present process of taking control of Kopex by TDJ, as well as an integration of the company with Famur, will constitute the fundamental support for the Go Global foreign expansion program implemented within the Group. -The expected synergy effects shall strengthen our competence and will enable us to prepare a comprehensive range of products and services required to support the mining and power generation projects around the world. The merger of Famur and Kopex as well as an integration of their potential, knowledge and experience in foreign markets will allow us to compete more effectively with global leaders of our industry – Mirosław Bendzera concluded .

The interview with Mirosław Bendzera, the President of FAMUR SA at the “GÓRNICTWO” Mining Industry Conference 2016 – click here.


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