FAMUR at the European Economic Congress. ‘Polish companies should lose their inhibitions’


Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA, took part in the discussion panel ‘Polish investments around the world - ambitions and outcomes’, held as part of the 9th European Economic Congress in Katowice. The debate participants - the representatives of state institutions and the banking sector as well as the entrepreneurs - shared their business experiences and views on the current model of the Polish export and their involvement in global markets.

Mirosław Bendzera emphasized that Poland is at the beginning of its journey to build a comprehensive concept of export. He pointed out that the national companies operating in the mining-related sector have the right potential and they fulfill practically all the conditions necessary for the implementation of comprehensive mining and energy projects around the world. However, there is no sufficient vision related to the integration of export activities which determines the foreign expansion strength of countries such as Germany, France, the United States, Japan and Korea. In the opinion of Mirosław Bendzera, the key task in this respect is to combine the intensive economic diplomacy and the extensive support of state institutions for the financial processing of foreign investments carried out by Polish companies. The CEO of FAMUR Group stressed that the changes are already noticeable – for example, there is a gradual increase in the quality, pace and scope of support provided by KUKE or BGK – ‘which we are experiencing in our daily cooperation with these institutions’.

Polish companies should lose their inhibitions related to competing on the world markets. We have experience, competence and know-how, which enables us to compete with global leaders in many industries. What we need is the institutional support for our growth strategies which are based on the expansive export activities – concluded Mirosław Bendzera.


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