FAMUR machinery helps to increase the output of the PG Silesia coal mine


Just as in the past year, the comprehensive use of FAMUR equipment contributed to the very good performance results of the PG Silesia mine.

In February 2015, the miners set a record of monthly wall advance in longwall no. 102, reaching 180 m. In June this year, their average output in lonwgwall no. 101 was 9 500 tonnes per day, and the wall advance was as high 184 metres. Mining in longwall No. 101 was performed under methane hazard category IV, water hazard degree I and coal dust explosion hazard class B.

The use of the equipment supplied by the FAMUR Group has considerably contributed to the achievement of these results. The equipment of longwall 101 includes the FS-400 multi-voltage shearer loader, the Novomag 850 armoured face conveyor, the Novomag 850 beam stage loader and a section of the Fazos 14-41 powered roof support. The crucial device is a new generation shearer loader – FS-400, combining safety and capability to achieve record outputs. The  essential feature of this loader shearer is its compatibility with all types of conveyors which are between 850 and 1200 mm wide and with Eicotrack or Megatrac® haulage systems. Due to the advanced design of the haulage system, the loader shearer may operate at different heights without the need to replace the tractor bodies. Two independent hydraulic systems allow the machine to cooperate with a crusher both on the left and on the right. In addition, the shearer loader is controlled by the extended FAMAC OPTI 5000 radio system, which provides full diagnostic capability.

FS-400 has been designed in accordance with the e-mine standard, which allows full monitoring of its operation from the surface of the mine.

More at: www.solidarnoscgornicza.org.pl


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