FAMUR with a silver medal at the iENA International Trade Fair in Nuremberg


The device for measuring dynamic loads of cutting picks (cutters) intended for cutting drums/units was awarded a silver medal at the iENA International Trade Fair in Nuremberg. One of the largest European invention exhibitions was held on 1-4  November.

 The honoured invention is the result of cooperation between representatives of FAMUR SA, FAMUR Institute and the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the Silesian University of Technology. They have developed a tool intended for measuring the load of cutting picks (cutters) during the mining process under operating conditions. It may be applied on cutting drums/units of mining machines, such as roadheaders and shearer loaders, which are generally equipped with tangential conical (rotary) picks/cutters.

This year, the International Fair “Ideas, Inventions, New Products iENA 2018” in Nuremberg celebrated its jubilee 70th edition. The exhibitors presented 750 inventions from 28 countries worldwide, and the trade was visited by business representatives from 40 countries.


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