KGHM ZANAM and FAMUR plan to cooperate and implement joint undertakings


A letter of intent on cooperation was signed by the representatives of the management boards of KGHM ZANAM SA and FAMUR SA on 23 August.

Both companies specialise in the production and services provided for the mining industry. KGHM ZANAM is a renowned manufacturer of self-propelled mining machines mainly used in copper ore mines. FAMUR provides solutions for the market of open-pit and underground mining industries, e.g. mechanised longwall systems, roadheading systems for underground mines, underground and surface transport systems, machines for the open-pit mining industry and equipment for mass transport and material handling.

Both companies also have many years of similar experience. The tradition of the FAMUR Group’s branch in Gorlice refers to Fabryka Maszyn i Narzędzi Wiertniczych in Glinik Mariampolski, which dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. Last year KGHM ZANAM celebrated its 50th anniversary; its achievements are based on the best experience of engineers developing and repairing machinery for the growing copper ore industry in Poland.

Contacts and good relations are the elements that currently matter in business; therefore, the cooperation with FAMUR will give us a chance to improve mutual relations, find additional business partners and strengthen our positions on foreign markets – says Bohdan Pecuszok, President of KGHM ZANAM.

The cooperation between both companies will mostly involve joint undertakings consisting in the distribution of mining machinery and equipment as well as the provision of after-sales services on foreign markets. Currently, FAMUR has its own companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and India, which coincides with the foreign expansion plans of KGHM ZANAM. The companies will also conduct joint marketing activities, as a result of which costs will be reduced and such activities will be extended to cover potential markets.

The purpose of the letter of intent signed by FAMUR and KGHM ZANAM is to develop a comprehensive and long-term cooperation on many markets all over the world. The development of the companies belonging to the FAMUR Group is based on the consistent implementation of the Go Global foreign expansion programme. We are constantly looking for opportunities to optimise our activities in this field, not only in the product area but also in the area of services and business support. Therefore, we hope that the cooperation with KGHM ZANAM allows us to achieve synergy effects in the area of the planned collaboration and to improve the complementarity of our offer for foreign partners – says Mirosław Bendzera, CEO of FAMUR SA

KGHM ZANAM and FAMUR will also carry out joint undertakings in the scope of research and development projects. – As far as innovation is concerned, the creativity of partners and smooth exchange of knowledge are particularly important. We will have a chance to join forces with the company that has many years of experience; it may result in new ideas and projects the scope of which will be broader than ever – points out Bohdan Pecuszok, President of KGHM ZANAM.


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