The Grzegorz shaft construction site taken over by the consortium of Kopex-PBSz and FAMUR PEMUG


On 18 September of the current year the Tauron Wydobycie company symbolically handed over the construction site for the construction of the Grzegorz shaft for the Sobieski coal mine in Jaworzno to the Consortium of Kopex-PBSz and FAMUR PEMUG. The investment will be carried out on the basis of the agreement concluded on 15 May of the current year. The completion of works and achievement of full functionality of the new shaft are planned for 2023.

Ultimately, the Grzegorz shaft will be 870 m deep and will have a diameter of 7.5 m. In the first phase it will serve as a ventilation and inspiratory shaft, and then it will perform a material and transportation function. The elimination of the sublevel excavation is anticipated in the planned project; it will make it possible to increase the level of miners’ safety and to improve the ventilation of underground mine workings. The improvement of the climatic conditions will  extend the period of efficient work of the crew. The modern infrastructure will also shorten the transport route both for people and for materials.

The Consortium of the companies Kopex-PBSz and FAMUR PEMUG has a unique experience and references in the area of implementation of projects related to the mine shaft sinking and equipping. As a result, we have the know-how and resources necessary to implement modern and comprehensive investments for the mining industry. For many years PBSz has been a leader in the area of mining works as well as drilling and equipping of shaft tubes. PEMUG FAMUR, however, has participated in the construction and equipping of the majority of steel shaft towers in coal mining industry in Poland – says Paweł Maksym, the President of the Management Board of Kopex-PBSz. – The joint offer of Kopex-PBSz and FAMUR PEMUG concerning the construction of the Grzegorz shaft was based on the previous cooperation of both parties on such contracts. This allowed us to make the maximum use of the companies’ competencies in the area of mining shaft construction which complement each other – adds Paweł Maxim.

A combination of financial and technical resources within the Consortium of FAMUR PEMUG and Kopex PBSz made it possible to prepare an attractive and comprehensive offer for the construction of the Grzegorz shaft. It shows that the FAMUR Group supports the development of the Polish mining industry in terms of technology through the manufacture and provision of advanced equipment and top quality services. The increase in investments in the national mining industry that is planned for the upcoming years will contribute significantly to its modernisation.

TDJ is the majority shareholder of both Famur and PBSz. Therefore, it is possible to correlate the visions and development directions of the companies belonging to the group, which not only makes it much easier to acquire the synergy effects in the implemented investments, but also helps increase the complementarity of offers for partners in Poland and on foreign markets.

In the picture: Paweł Maksym, President of the Management Board of Kopex-PBSz and Zdzisław Filip, President of the Management Board of TAURON Wydobycie (


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