‘Activity Mine’ – volunteers from FAMUR and Kopex actively engaged in projects for local communities


Gospel workshops for children, painting the outpatient clinic or educational picnic promoting travel safety rules - these are only some of the initiatives in which the volunteers who are the employees of FAMUR and KOPEX (companies belonging to the TDJ Group) were involved. Socially responsible undertakings were carried out as part of the 'Activity Mine' ('Kopalnia Aktywności') corporate volunteer programme co-financed by the Civic Initiatives Fund (FIO).

In September last year, twenty employees from FAMUR and KOPEX volunteered to take part in the ‘Activity Mine’ project, as a result of which they were gaining knowledge about civic initiatives (what they are and how to implement them on their own) for the next few months. Financing from the Civic Initiatives Fund allocated to the ‘Activity Mine’ programme allowed us to organise five different social campaigns in Silesia so far.

– The concept of ‘Activity Mine’ was already created in 2015. Its aim is to actively involve people working in the heavy industry in their local community life as well as to increase employees’ competencies and abilities to develop and manage social projects. By engaging in voluntary work and thanks to the support provided by experienced specialists, the participants have an opportunity to implement their own micro-projects – explains Wioleta Hutniczak from Rzecz Społeczna Foundation supporting the project together with Chcemy Pomóc Association and TDJ Foundation.

– In TDJ Foundation, which belongs to the TDJ Group, we are aware of the enormous potential that the human capital has. When we contributed to the creation of the ‘Activity Mine’ programme, we knew that it would produce good results – says Janusz Gorol, Educational Project Manager in TDJ Foundation and one of the authors of the ‘Activity Mine’ concept.  – Even the smallest social initiatives can start something big by encouraging those who want to help others. With this in mind, we started the project. We tried to teach the participants how to effectively plan and organise social campaigns – adds Janusz Gorol.

The first project was supported by the ‘House of Guardian Angels’ Children and Youth Aid Association . A group of volunteers organised music workshops for children then. Five meetings took place in May, during which children prepared for the concert held on the occasion of the anniversary of the association under the supervision of specialists.

– While working with children, we put emphasis mainly on their musical development. We wanted to increase their self-confidence so that they could overcome all their inhibitions and shyness. All this to make them feel comfortable and free – says Adam Lach, a participant in the ‘Activity Mine’ project.

The ‘Safe Car Seat’ (‘Bezpieczny fotelik’) campaign was another initiative organised in a kindergarten in Zabrze. The educational picnic was held as part of the project, during which the rules of travelling safely by car with the youngest were presented. In addition, the ‘Sports Kids’ (‘Sportowe Dzieciaki’) party was organised on the occasion of the Children’s Day. About one hundred children and teenagers from the FAMUR-related community and pupils of the Saint Agatha Caritas youth community centre in Katowice took part in the event.

‘You are important’ (‘Jesteś WaŻny’) workshops dedicated to the pupils of the Regional Care and Therapy Centres no. 1 and 2 in Gliwice were another educational project. The main objective of the workshops was to strengthen children’s self-esteem and to stimulate their interests.

In June, the representatives of the ‘Activity Mine’ project, the employees of TDJ and of FAMUR, PGO and TDJ Estate, which belong to the Group, and the members and scholarship holders of TDJ Foundation took part in an extraordinary initiative consisting in painting the outpatient clinic of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre in Katowice-Ligota. The work continued for several weekends. After its completion, teenagers from schools of fine arts in Katowice will decorate the walls with colourful drawings.

‘Activity Mine’ is a project implemented under the leadership of Rzecz Społeczna Foundation with partners: FAMUR Group, Kopex Group, TDJ Foundation and Chcemy Pomóc Association. The initiative is carried out under the Civic Initiatives Fund Operational Programme of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. The project is implemented in the period from 1 July 2016 to 30 November 2017.


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