Tender offer by FAMUR SA to purchase shares in PRIMETECH SA


Below you can find a tender offer to purchase shares in PRIMETECH Spółka Akcyjna of Katowice (the “Company”) (the “Tender Offer”), being given by FAMUR S (the “Bidder”) in connection with the planned purchase by the Bidder of shares in the Company, representing 100% of the total voting rights in the Company. This Tender Offer is being made under Art. 91.6 of the Act on public offering, conditions governing the introduction of financial instruments to organised trading, and public companies of July 29th 2005 (consolidated text: Dz. U. of 2019, item 623) (the “Act”), and pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of September 14th 2017 on the forms of tenders for sale or exchange of shares in a public company, detailed manner of their announcement and the terms and conditions of purchase of shares as a result of such tenders (the “Regulation”).

Primetech – tender offer_14.06.2019:



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