We’ve been painting children’s hospital


The employees of FAMUR Group, PGO and TDJ Estate, together with volunteers and their own families, are joining forces in an extraordinary project - painting the clinic of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre (GCZD) in Katowice-Ligota. More than 60 people have volunteered to help.

The idea of painting the walls in GCZD was born in the mind of one of the TDJ employees, whose child has several times received an assistance from the doctors of that hospital – explains Anna Łomnicka of the Organization Development Department of FAMUR SA, one of the action coordinators. The families of employees of the companies involved, TDJ Foundation and even a former employee of Famur have also contributed to the project. They have decided to grab paint brushes and devote their free time to make doctor appointments of children and their caregivers a bit more pleasant.

Painting has been scheduled for five consecutive weekends, starting on 23 June. The work goes very smoothly, however, so refreshing the walls of the clinic will probably be finished by mid-July.

I’ve volunteered to take part in this action because it’s fun to do something for children – explains Sebastian Biały from IT Department of FAMUR SA, and encourages the participation in similar projects: – It is nice to know that you create something useful not for yourself but for someone else.

It is not the first community action participated by FAMUR. Our employees have also been involved in the “Kopalnia Aktywności” (“Activity Mine”) project and the recently launched “Social and Civic Competences Factory”. Also, the collection on the occasion of the Children’s Day for the Dom Aniołów Stróżów (House of Guardian Angels) enjoyed a great interest, and last year the employees of FAMUR spontaneously joined a similar action for a single mother home in Ruda Śląska.


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