Repairs and overhauls of gearboxes

Know-how and a comprehensive approach to implementation allow us to offer repair services for gearboxes used in wind power plants.

Reparation and overhaul works are carried out on the premises of the plant located in Katowice.

A standard reparation (overhaul) cycle includes:

  • visual inspection of the gearbox before dismantling/removal,
  • dismantling/removal,
  • visual inspection of the dismantled components,
  • measurements of key nodes/junctions,
  • assessment of the bearings condition with the support of reputable manufacturers,
  • measurements of toothed elements,
  • gear body measurements,
  • material tests,
  • development of a comprehensive technical report on the gearbox inspection,
  • pricing and presenting the offer to the customer,
  • provision of repair according to the agreed scope,
  • running-in and testing the gearboxes on the test stand.

    Our offer also includes technical consultancy and product development activities.
    The feasible procedures as part of the repair activities are as follows:
  • dismantling/removal and installation of the gearboxes,
  • regeneration or replacement of damaged elements,
  • replacement of bearings,
  • selection of bearings in line with the current state of technology in wind gearboxes,
  • optimization of microgeometry of toothed elements by the teeth re-grinding process,
  • design and production of toothed elements with the use of the highest quality materials,
  • regeneration of bearing journals and seats,
  • regeneration of the gearbox body,
  • redesign of the planet wheels bearing nodes (junctions) by eliminating the outer bearing raceways – increasing the durability and eliminating the migration of the ring in the seat,
  • recovery of paint coatings,
  • introduction of design changes to eliminate the diagnosed causes of failure.
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