Doradztwo techniczne

Technical consultancy

The engineering resources of the FAMUR are based on over 50 qualified specialists in the following fields:

  • designing machines and devices
  • designing gear and drive systems
  • strength, heat flow and fluid mechanics analyses in FEM and CFD environments
  • numerically controlled machine programming
  • technology of production and assembly processes
  • designing control systems
  • designing power supply systems and converter technology
  • examination and assessment of the condition of machines
  • machine servicing and customer support
  • material testing

We are provided with packages of commercial software for 3D CAD modelling, strength calculations of toothed elements according to DIN 3990 and ISO 6336 standards. We perform calculations of bearing nodes in relation to Lh10 durability according to ISO 281 standard, as well as modified durability (life), which takes into account the microgeometry of bearings, the influence of shaft deflection and lubricant impurities.

We implement projects in which, together with the gearbox, we provide proprietary systems for process data acquisition and vibrodiagnostics adapted to wired and wireless transmission in the GSM communication standard.

Our competences enable us to offer the following services:

  • design and modernization of toothed gearboxes
  • consultancy in the scope of overhaul of toothed gearboxes
  • failure cause analysis
  • tests of gearboxes under load with an assessment of the technical condition
  • equipping facilities with proprietary diagnostic systems according to the configuration agreed with the customer
  • verification calculations in the field of material strength, heat flow and fluid mechanics
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