Badania i docieranie przekładni

Testing and running-in the gearboxes

We have a test stand that enables us to conduct tests and run-in brand new gearboxes and those subject repair/overhaul. The test stand enables cyclical loads of up to 2.7 MW to be applied.

In order to represent and reproduce the actual dynamic working conditions of the machine, the control system is equipped with the possibility of setting any load and speed run (in the range of 0 to 1800 rpm) and simulating the shock/pulse operation with a frequency of up to 10Hz.

During the tests the parameters are registered, as follows:


• speed and loads on the driving and braking side,

• gearbox body surface temperature,

• oil temperature in the lubrication system and the oil chamber,

• vibrodiagnostic parameters – RMS acceleration, RMS velocity, time runs/history of vibrations,

• cooling water flow and temperature,

• oil flow and temperature in the lubrication system.


The acoustic insulation in the test hall enables the assessment of the noise emission level in relation to the ISO 9614-2 and ISO 3744 standards.

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