2021 was a year of many significant events for the functioning and future of the FAMUR Group. New directions and new investments appeared that have a significant impact on the future and shape of the FAMUR brand's business. We also signed significant contracts for the delivery of machines to various parts of the world.



The year 2021 was primarily marked by GREEN TRANSFORMATION


In May, we announced new strategic directions – the FAMUR Group is transforming into a holding investing in green transformation! The first step was to enter the photovoltaic sector based on the combined resources and competences of Projekt Solartechnik, TDJ and the FAMUR Group.


In the June RES auction, we acquired a total capacity of 103 MW, while the consistent implementation of new strategic directions led us to the conclusion of a PLN 143 million contract with Energa-Obrót SA for the sale of electricity in August.


In September, we took another step towards green transformation and contributed to sustainable development by concluding a programme agreement that will allow us to decide on multiple bond issues, including the so-called "Green" bonds, as part of the Bond Issue Programme.


The next step in the implementation of our activities related to the renewable energy sector was the conclusion of an agreement for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland (Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal).


In November, in reference to the September programme agreement, we issued green bonds with a total nominal value of PLN 400 million, thus contributing to the ecological transformation of the Polish economy.


We also took part in two important events – the EuroPOWER & OZE POWER and IDEA-BIZNES-KLIMAT conferences. During these events, we talked about the diversification of our activities and development of competences in the field of renewable energy sources.


In December, we became a member of the prestigious APQP4Wind organisation, which brings together leading manufacturers and suppliers of wind turbines. In turn, in the RES auction, we won all 34 photovoltaic projects submitted with Projekt Solartechnik, with a total capacity of almost 58 MW.


The year 2021 was also a time of CONFERENCES, FAIRS AND IMPORTANT EVENTS


In the past year, the words “how good it is to hear the buzz again!” frequently crossed our minds. In person or online, we were present at such events as the European Economic Congress, Jobicon Job Festival, Hyperautomation conference or the MINEX and China Coal & Mining Expo fairs.


In 2021, we not only changed our strategy towards green energy – we also faced a digital transformation. Together with Microsoft, we introduced robotisation to the purchasing department!


2021 was also about SOCIAL COMMITMENT


Business and social goals are of equal value at the FAMUR Group. Therefore, 2021 was also the year of supporting those most in need. EKOMOCNI, Poland Business Run, Książka wspiera bohatera ("Books Support Heroes Campaign", #sadziMY (#WePlant) – these are just some of the initiatives we have joined.


The ending year was also a constant fight against the pandemic. In the interests of the health of our employees and their families, we organised a vaccination point at our headquarters.


We also enjoyed the success in the Sports League of Companies. Our football team finished the autumn season in 4th place in the table!


We cannot forget about the MACHINE MARKET


In the past year, we also maintained a strong position on the market of mining machinery and equipment, signing agreements for deliveries to Russia, Indonesia and Italy. For the first time, the equipment of a Polish manufacturer will go directly to the USA! In turn, our innovative MIKRUS system will travel to China for the second time!