On 10 September of the current year, a programme agreement has been concluded between FAMUR and Santander Bank Polska, Bank PKO S.A. and Dom Maklerski BOŚ, which enables the company to decide on multiple bond issues, including the so-called "green" bonds under the Bond Issue Programme, thus taking another step towards green transformation and making a contribution towards sustainable development. The bond issue is unlimited and will not exceed the maximum programme amount of PLN 1 billion.

The signed agreement is a continuation of the modification of strategic directions and their adjustment to changes in the external environment aimed at reshaping the FAMUR Group into a holding which invests in green transformation. The Company's final decision on the issue of bonds and its detailed conditions will be made at the stage of adoption of the relevant resolution by the Management Board of the Company. Should a decision be made to issue green bonds, the detailed allocation of funds will be specified in the Terms and Conditions of Issue, wherein the proceedings will be used to, among others, finance the development, acquisition, construction and operation of investment projects classified as so-called "green projects" under and in accordance with the Green Bond Framework.

- By signing the programme agreement, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to issue green bonds, thus gaining options for financing sustainable investment projects that benefit the environment and contribute towards the Group's goal of having, by 2024, approx. 70 percent of its revenue come from areas not related to power coal, including renewable energy, transport and logistics as well as opportunities and benefits stemming from global transition to low-carbon economies - says Mirosław Bendzera, President of the Management Board of FAMUR SA.

The Company also announces that bonds under the Issue Programme will be issued with maturities between 3 and 10 years and will be unsecured.

The Group currently has over 130 MW solar farms under construction, in addition to having secured 103 MW of total power in the RES (OZE) auction of June this year, proving the high effectiveness of the announced measures. In total, FAMUR Group has over 1.2 GW of estimated project capacity at various stages of development, including nearly 240 MW of projects with successful biddings in 2019, 2020 and 2021.