The FAMUR Group seeks to meet the expectations of its clients not only in the technological area but also by offering additional support for their investment projects. Our portfolio includes the design of financial structures tailored to the needs and capabilities of customers interested in acquiring our equipment.

With our presence in foreign markets and extensive experience, we are ready to work with companies from all over the world.

The FAMUR Group’s products and services
in the financial area

1. Short-term financing with the tenor up to 2 years

2. Long-term financing with the tenor up to 10 years


3. Project financing with the tenor up to 14 years


The benefits of working with the FAMUR Group

How we operate

A simple and fast procedure

In order to prepare the initial financing structure, we only require the presentation of:


Oliwia Polak –

Marzena Ryborz –

Agnieszka Sanocka –

Szymon Wieczorek –