E-mine system is a modern approach to the mining industry. The main surveillance tool is the SCADA software consolidating many machines and autonomous systems into one coherent, high-efficient and reliable mining system.

Effective management of the entire technological chain operation requires the integration of data from multiple sources: machinery control systems, electrical equipment, troubleshooting (diagnostic) systems, communication and safety systems. It is possible to make right decisions only on the basis of complete data, processed and transmitted to relevant users.

E-mine is a set of IT and equipment solutions providing the following for the machines being monitored:

  • data aggregation
  • data transmission
  • visualisation
  • archiving
  • data analysis and generation of detailed reports
  • integration with the systems of other providers (manufacturers)

The e-mine components are complementary while being independent products:

  • SCADA software
  • teletransmission infrastructure
  • diagnostic systems: FAMAC RSPC wireless pressure measurement system, FAMAC VIB IS intrinsically safe vibrodiagnostic system
  • CCTV systems
  • e-service