FRTS 900

The FRTS-900 system is designed for moving equipment and materials while reinforcing and decommissioning of longwall workings, such as powered roof supports or shearer elements.

FRTS-900 is characterised by excellent technical parameters. The maximum possible load on the system for maximum strike, i.e. 35˚, is as much as 29,500 kg. As a result, it can be used even in the most extreme conditions in the mine. In addition, its modular design makes it possible to adapt it to the prevailing mining conditions and haulage needs. The lower the strike, the greater the weight that can be hauled.

This piece of equipment can be used to mechanise all reinforcement and decommissioning work of longwall workings.

  • improved safety during longwall reinforcing and decommissioning work
  • mechanised work by simplifying longwall reinforcement and transfer of longwall mining equipment
  • reduced time necessary to transfer longwall mining equipment and improved comfort at work

Innovative solutions and the high quality of the Floor Rail Transport System FRTS-900 make it a transport system for safe and quick transfer of longwall mining equipment.

Version 1 Version 2
Maximum haulage force  145 210 kN
Feed speed  0.63  0.42 m/s
Supply voltage  660  660 V
Installed power  55  55 kW
Maximum pressure in the operating system  35  35 MPa
Control pressure  4  4 MPa
Motor geometric operating displacement 820 820 cm3/rev.
Maximum torque  320  320 ΔP = MPa




Route FPR-900
Track strike ±35 °
Track dip ±10 °
Rail gauge 900 mm
Straight concave length 1500 mm
The minimum radius of curvature of the cornering rails 4500 mm
Minimum radius of rail curvature in a vertical plane 10200 (for 1.5 m rails) mm