Bolting rig EZ-K10

FAMUR is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of roadheading equipment for the mining industry, continuing the traditions of such brands as REMAG and Elgór Zamet.

The EZ-K10 bolting rig is a self-propelled machine, designed to make anchoring holes and to install anchors (bolts) in the mining industry, for arch supports with a cross-section of ŁP9 to Ł12. The bolting rig has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the principles of good engineering practice and with regard to the safety regulations concerning the machines intended for use in underground mining facilities. Due to the above, this machine complies with the essential requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, as well as mining regulations.

  • drilling holes for anchors
  • energy-efficient electrohydraulic drive
  • pump with the Load Sensing system
    – indirect hydraulic control
    – control panel with the possibility of turning to the right and left side
  • operator’s platform lifted together with the drilling turret (max. 2m)
  • telescopic drilling frame
    – outline (contour) angle +/-135° (roof + side walls)
    – deflection forward 20°
  • hole cleaning
    – water flushing
  • torsion crawler chassis
    – hydraulic crawler drive with planetary gearbox and parking brake
    – driving speed up to 0.6m/s
    – rotation of the chassis/undercarriage relative to the body +/-90°
    –weight distribution makes it possible to drive across the heading
anchoring drill stroke [mm] 1845+400
drill speed [rpm] 500
hole diameter [mm] 43
hole depth [m] 12
rock hardness [MPa] 200
electric motor power [kW] 45
supply voltage [V] 500
weight [t] 11,5
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