Mikrus system

The MIKRUS is an innovative system intended for exploitation of thin seams. It is composed of the GUŁ-500 cutting&loading head which is moved along the face by means of a haulage system powered by electric motors fed from the frequency converters located in gates.

The cutting head is compatible and working with the armoured face conveyor and the powered roof support units thus forming an automated mining system. The automation of the system operation is enabled by the control system. The control station is located in the maingate area and/or on the mine surface in the control center for underground equipment.


  • the MIKRUS longwall system is an automated tool enabling exploitation of thin coal seams efficiently and cost-effectively, even with high hardness of interlayers and rocks surrounding the seam
  • automation of the mining process significantly improves safety and reduces the workload of the system operators
  • changing and difficult mining and geological conditions are not an obstacle to using the system
  • high motive power installed in the system equipment as well as high reliability and durability of the components enable achieving a profitable level of mining production (ROM)
  • innovative process of mining applying perpendicular slotting in the area of gates enables the execution of a full advancing cycle in about 1 minute
  • devices being components of the system are adapted to work in gates with dimensions of 5800 mm x 2600 mm
Cutting height range [m] 1,2 – 1,7
Face/longwall length [m] max 250
Power installed in the cutting&loading unit [kW] 640
– cutting & loading head GUŁ-500 [kW] 500
– drive units ZN-60 [kW] 2 x 60
– tensioning roll unit [kW] 20
Speed at constant torque/ max [m/min] 11,3 / 27
Haulage drive traction force [kN] 2 x 320
Ability to extract coal with a strength index Rc [MPa] up to 40 (rock up to 80)
Hourly productivity for Rc 40MPa [t/h] 560
Hourly productivity for Rc 10MPa [t/h] 940
Effective web [m] 0,6 – 0,8
Transverse inclination [°] ± 20
Longitudinal inclination [°] ± 35
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